• Steve

Walking in Wisdom

This summer we'll be spending a few months in the Book of Proverbs - the great collection of God's wisdom to lead a successful life. Join us for the journey, either by listening or reading along, Mondays-Fridays this summer.

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. (Proverbs 1:7)

In the Bible “fearing” God means respecting his power over and design of the world. In this sense fearing God is like fearing electricity. If you are thoughtless and place your hair dryer into a full bathroom sink, you will be jolted, possibly electrocuted. But if you respect how electricity should be used, it can do marvelous things for you.

In the same way, respecting how God has designed our lives to go – to live life the way He intends – does marvelous things for your life and spares you from pain. And how do you know what God’s design is? For starters, read the Book of Proverbs, where He is eager to teach you His ways.

As we walk through this Book this summer, we will see God’s wisdom for developing meaningful friendships, for dealing deftly with enemies, for creating a joyful family life, for achieving prosperity in business, and many other topics.

But alongside all these things we find something else as well. We see that God has bigger plans than merely helping our earthly lives go well. God’s larger project is not so much to squeeze some bits of wisdom into our lives, but rather to gather our lives into His own life, to gather our story into His story. To “fear God” means to fear life apart from God – apart from the joy, peace, and forgiveness that He alone can bring into every part of our lives.

So this summer join us as we study the Book of Proverbs and see how God will make your life better both now and forever as we receive His wisdom.

Father I want to know your wisdom today. I want your Word, your Truth, and your Plan to fill my heart, to fill my mind, and to make me the son or daughter of God you have created me to be. I ask this in Christ’s Name. Amen.