• Steve

A Faithful Messenger

A wicked messenger falls into trouble, but a faithful envoy brings healing. (Proverbs 13:17)

Miscommunication, especially willful miscommunication, can cause many problems. I have a friend who works for a financial services company who was told by his company that he was the leading candidate for a promotion for months … only for the company to reverse course at the last moment. Not only was my friend crushed, but the company suffered when he departed; they failed to anticipate how their deceptive words would hurt everyone involved.

God invites us to be “faithful envoys” who bring “healing.” I love that image: we can move throughout our communities as messengers bringing life to others by telling the truth and not deceiving them. If you have to communicate with someone who depends on you – whether family, friend, neighbor, or client – make sure you speak faithful words. Ask yourself: have I intentionally misled this person? Are they likely to draw false conclusions from what I said? If the roles were reversed, would I want them to speak to me this way? Even if you have to say difficult things at times, the truth brings healing.

Trustworthiness of the messenger is at the heart of the gospel. When Jesus came to earth, he proclaimed, “Whatever I have heard and seen my Father do, that I do also.” (John 5:19) That is, Jesus comes as the truest, highest revealer of God’s character – not merely a prophet who spoke about God, but the Incarnate Son who is God. The essence of his mission depends on this faithful transmission of divine nature to us. Because human beings cannot climb up into heaven, we need God to climb down to us, as he has done in Christ.

And so, when we are faithful with our words – in business, in friendships, in family life – we reflect the nature of the God who was and is faithful to us. And insofar as we speak the truth in love, even when its hard to say, we also will “bring healing” to those around us.

Father, please help me to spread truth and not deception with my words today. Help me to honor what others have said by not twisting their words. And help me to trust your message of salvation wholeheartedly today. In Christ’s Name, Amen.